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Bucherer est un horloger et bijoutier de luxe. L’entreprise a été fondée en 1888 à Lucerne par un entrepreneur et sa femme. Aujourd’hui, Bucherer se positionne parmi les meilleurs en Europe dans le secteur de l’horlogerie et de la bijouterie. La compagnie propose des produits de qualité, notammen...


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12 July 2022

Former employee

Be a sheep

What works well?

A few work colleagues were very special and a true pride for the apprentices that we had in the last few years, if they manage to keep their passion then they will go far!...

What could be improved?

Improvements could be made everywhere in this company... From the lack of management to the way clients are geeted. Most of the staff lacks passion for watchmaking and have no knowledge of story telling besides what they may have heard through the brands themselfs. It seems like it is simply a job f...