about 1 year

Current employee, Permanent position

Agile, improving and best practices

The company is relatively small and therefore is very agile. There is a culture about improving and going forward with the team. Love to deliver services following best practices.

At the moment integration between internal services could be improved to be more efficient in the future.


over 1 year

Current employee, Permanent position

Agile, innovative and customer focused company

Agile, innovative and customer focused company that delivers on its promises. Short decision paths since company is still run by the founders. A large portion of the job responsibility remains with employees - organization of daily work, planning of client meetings and employee training have to be...more

Since the company is rapidly growing some organizational/technological adjustments might be required in the near future to ensure communication across all levels.


over 2 years

Current employee, Permanent position

Young and dynamic atmosphere; Training budget; Good management; Human bosses who know the job and its limitations

As this is a small company, there are not really career progression opportunities.

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