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A company that stands out from the crowd! Freedom and development!

A company for people with an entrepreneurial spirit, in this respect no other company on the Swiss market offers so many possibilities and freedom! I really feel that I am useful in what I do and understand why I work, which is not often the case in "classic" jobs. I am constantly developing both te...more

The selection of candidates for a job interview could be improved. Let me explain, there are too many candidates who come for a job interview but do not necessarily have the entrepreneurial spirit and open-mindedness necessary to work at SwissLife Select. These candidates therefore sometimes come ou...more

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over 1 year

Advertisement poorly written. Result: 1 hour drive from Freiburg to Marin for just 5 minutes of maintenance!

Translated from French
over 2 years

I didn't get a good impression of the interview. It's about showing a boring video of the company's hierarchy and how to progress in the career. It's the pyramid system.... :(