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ETEL, founded in 1974 and based in Switzerland, is a supplier 100% dedicated to direct drive technology. ETEL’s range of linear and torque motors, position and motion controllers, and high-end motion system products provide a large selection to meet nearly all customers’ needs and providing them with process improvement they have been looking for.

This clear focus allows ETEL to continue innovating in those markets where precision and dynamics are the essential factors for success. The synergies with companies belonging to the HEIDENHAIN Group have allowed ETEL to merge its respective knowledge and expertise, and proved to be a winning combination. This collaboration will be intensified and will lead to new high performance and leading-edge motion platform solutions, developed to solve the future problems of our customers before they are ever realized. Resulting from continuous R&D efforts, ETEL will continue to excel by offering uniqueness and high quality innovative products required by customers. Companies looking for a motion system partner providing high quality, precision, repeatability and reliability need look no further. ETEL has a proven record of supplying the latest technology without sacrifice which has allowed ETEL to maintain an edge on the competition.


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Entreprise innovante et stimulante!

ambiance professionnelle stimulante et multiculturelle orienté résultats.

La communication interne et transversale. La stratégie de management verticale ainsi que les évolutions de conditions sociales personnalisées à l'investissement individuel du collaborateur en adéquation avec ses performances résultats pour l'entreprise!

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Entreprise technologique et multiculturelle.

Salaires et style de gestion.

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entreprise faisant partie d'un grande groupe : fondation JH, qui investit dans les produits, ne recherchant pas forcement le profit avant tout (produit et production swiss made)

voir pour faire plus confiance dans les choix de ses collaborateurs

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merci nous travaillons dans ce sens