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Translated from French

almost 2 years

Applicant, Temporary


The first communication. There's only that, I don't think respect is there. At first glance they seem invested but in the end it's not that... I'm disappointed

Respect for candidates. I had a FaceTime interview with them, very well conducted, then an in-company interview where I was told that the agency would call me back. I receive an email and a text message the next morning saying that I had no respect for not having made a return with a lot of exclamat...more

Translated from French

over 1 year

Applicant, Temporary

We are sent anywhere....

Great first date, nothing to say... but when we refuse twice in a row a job that is offered to us more than 100km away and well we are no longer offered anything

Be more attentive to the initial request of the candidate. This would avoid misunderstandings

Translated from French

about 1 year

Applicant, Temporary

Big joke

The telephone? The coffee machine too! Ah yes and put ads and announcements without ever answering!

Stop sourcing applications in a vacuum, respond to the candidate, spelling...