Publishing Factory SA

Publishing Factory SA

chemin des Toises 12, Lausanne
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Publishing Factory est le prestataire privilégié des meilleures sociétés de Direct Marketing du monde francophone. Elle leur offre tous les outils et services opérationnels nécessaires à la réalisation de leur mission : depuis la gestion des listes d’adresses et des abonnements, le paramétrage des mailings, la mise en place des offres, des parcours clients et des bons de commande, l’hébergement de contenu… jusqu’à l’encaissement, la réconciliation bancaire et les outils de reporting.

Publishing Factory, en tant que prestataire global, propose également un éventail de services autour de 5 grands axes :

#1 La gestion administrative, RH, comptable, financière ;

#2 La prise en charge des relations client et juridique ;

#3 Le développement opérationnel marketing ;

#4 Les supports informatique et infrastructure ;

#5 L'encadrement produit et logistique.

Ces sociétés clientes sont ainsi libérées de toutes les contraintes opérationnelles et peuvent se concentrer sur le cœur de leur métier – la création de contenus de grande qualité et l’animation de leur communauté de lecteurs.

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45 reviews
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Translated from French
10 months ago
Current employee
Permanent position

Growing company, Start-up mode.
Trust given very easily by managers.
Possibility of evolution with taking responsibility.
Offices, environment and atmosphere are ok.

Enhance the group's image internally by promoting events.
Improve the package conditions to move towards a "large group".

Translated from French
a year ago

> looking for a first work experience
Interview in September and refused because "we took someone with more experience"
Removes the ad every week because not found

Translated from French
a year ago

We are a very dynamic company and sometimes although the open positions are "junior" we recruit more experienced profiles because we work on an as-needed basis. We will improve our message when we explain our choice. Thank you for your feedback and everything is fine in your efforts.

Translated from French
a year ago

No answer and return of ads a few days later

Translated from French
a year ago

Hello, first of all our apologies if the answer did not come. We receive a lot of applications and indeed, we do not always have the possibility to process them in time and in hours. We thank you for this comment and will do our best for current and future candidates. All good for the future.

Publishing Factory SA
chemin des Toises 12



Year of foundation

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