Popular professions in Zug


304 salary indications

CHF 70 200

Executive Assistant

218 salary indications

CHF 84 500

Commercial Manager

207 salary indications

CHF 65 000

Accounting Clerk

198 salary indications

CHF 90 675

Account Manager

198 salary indications

CHF 80 000

Project Leader

189 salary indications

CHF 103 740


178 salary indications

CHF 187 000

Product Manager

176 salary indications

CHF 100 000

Software Engineer

144 salary indications

CHF 100 300


126 salary indications

CHF 65 200

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How much is the average salary in Zug?

Zug is one of the Swiss cantons with the highest salaries, with a median of 85 031 CHF. This value was calculated from the 11 591 wages from the jobup.ch salary comparison tool. There are many job opportunities in Cham, Baar, Risch and around Lake Aegeri, but Zug is home to the largest international companies.

What are the areas of activity with the highest salaries in the Canton of Zug?

Clothing / Textiles, Retail business and Plant / Machine / Metal construction are the sectors with the highest wages in the Canton of Zug. Living in Zug is not cheap, especially in terms of housing, but as taxes are low and wages are generous, the canton remains attractive. Situated on the banks of two lakes and close to the mountains, this canton of German-speaking Switzerland offers a pleasant living and working environment. In addition, thanks to its central location, it is easy to reach other parts of Switzerland.