Popular professions in Zurich


3 196 salary indications

CHF 70 190Clerk

Commercial Manager

2 003 salary indications

CHF 67 595Commercial Manager

Project Leader

1 995 salary indications

CHF 100 789Project Leader

Account Manager

1 792 salary indications

CHF 75 003Account Manager

Executive Assistant

1 614 salary indications

CHF 84 971Executive Assistant


1 409 salary indications

CHF 83 331Nurse

Team Leader

1 401 salary indications

CHF 97 053Team Leader

Software Engineer

1 259 salary indications

CHF 100 238Software Engineer


1 186 salary indications

CHF 150 000CEO

Product Manager

1 119 salary indications

CHF 104 000Product Manager

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St. Gallen

23 261 salary indications



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What is the average salary in Zurich?

The Canton of Zurich has one of the highest pay in Switzerland. The median salary in the Canton of Zurich is 82 868 CHF, which is higher than in most other cantons. This value is based on 104 243 salary data from jobup.ch users. The city of Zurich is a financial and economic center with an international reputation, but it is not the only place to look for a job in the canton: Winterthur, Zurich airport, Uster and Bülach also offer attractive opportunities.

Which sectors pay best in Zurich?

The sectors with the highest salaries in the Canton of Zurich are Plant / Machine / Metal construction, Waste management / Recycling / Environmental technology and Small and medium-sized industries. However, one must be careful, as the cost of living in Zurich is the highest in Switzerland: housing is expensive and cultural activities, although numerous and varied, are still expensive. Fortunately, salaries are high enough to guarantee a pleasant standard of living.