Popular professions in Solothurn


420 salary indications

CHF 65 000Clerk

Commercial Manager

364 salary indications

CHF 64 700Commercial Manager


353 salary indications

CHF 60 450Logistician

Project Leader

235 salary indications

CHF 94 700Project Leader

Team Leader

224 salary indications

CHF 83 666Team Leader


184 salary indications

CHF 66 750Polymechanic

Truck Driver

170 salary indications

CHF 63 000Truck Driver

Order Picker

169 salary indications

CHF 58 800Order Picker

Health Care Professional

146 salary indications

CHF 61 433Health Care Professional


143 salary indications

CHF 78 000Nurse

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2 353 salary indications

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What is the average salary in the Canton of Solothurn?

The median wage in the Canton of Solothurn is 74 109 CHF, which corresponds to the Swiss average. This total was calculated using 13 114 salary data from jobup.ch users. The city of Solothurn offers all the comforts of a large conurbation, but is still on a human scale. However, other cities such as Grenchen, Olten and Dornach are also interesting for their job opportunities.

What are the areas of activity with the highest salaries in the Canton of Solothurn?

There is no lack of employment opportunities in the chief town and the rest of the canton, and the best paid sectors are: Retail business, Construction industry / Real estate and Leisure / Culture / Sports. The cost of living is within the Swiss average. Thanks to its geographical position in the north-west of Switzerland, the canton is close to Bern, Basel, Zurich and France, whose cultural offerings invite discovery.