Popular professions in Aargau


1 089 salary indications

CHF 67 600Clerk

Commercial Manager

804 salary indications

CHF 65 000Commercial Manager


599 salary indications

CHF 60 462Logistician

Project Leader

594 salary indications

CHF 95 984Project Leader


563 salary indications

CHF 76 347Nurse

Team Leader

437 salary indications

CHF 83 500Team Leader

Account Manager

432 salary indications

CHF 65 000Account Manager

Truck Driver

392 salary indications

CHF 65 000Truck Driver


334 salary indications

CHF 63 700Polymechanic

Executive Assistant

332 salary indications

CHF 78 000Executive Assistant

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What is the average salary in the canton of Aargau?

Salaries in Aargau are very attractive: the median salary in the canton of Aargau is 75 071 CHF, calculated on the basis of 32 205 salary indications of the users of jobup.ch. The region, known for its castles and thermal baths, is particularly appreciated by families, who can lead a city life here while remaining close to nature. The main cities to look for work are Baden, Lenzburg, Wohlingen and Spreitenbach.

What are the highest-paid business areas in Aargau?

In Aargau, the Retail business, Plant / Machine / Metal construction and Waste management / Recycling / Environmental technology are the highest paid sectors, according to our wage comparator. The cost of living is relatively high, but corresponds to the wages in the canton. Aargau is a good compromise for people who like to live close to large cities without living there directly: as the canton is located between the cantons of Zurich, Zug, Lucerne and Basel, and Germany, it is easy to travel and enjoy the cultural offerings of all these regions.