Popular professions in Basel-Landschaft


411 salary indications

CHF 69 958Clerk

Commercial Manager

378 salary indications

CHF 67 800Commercial Manager


226 salary indications

CHF 60 115Logistician

Project Leader

199 salary indications

CHF 92 000Project Leader

Team Leader

198 salary indications

CHF 85 850Team Leader


158 salary indications

CHF 81 000Nurse

Account Manager

157 salary indications

CHF 70 000Account Manager

Field sales representative

154 salary indications

CHF 72 000Field sales representative

Truck Driver

150 salary indications

CHF 61 550Truck Driver

Analytical Technician

135 salary indications

CHF 75 300Analytical Technician

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2 352 salary indications

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How much is the average salary in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft?

Basel's salaries are among the most attractive in the country: the median salary in the canton of Basel-Landschaft amounts to CHF 76 856. This median is based on 12 609 salary indications that jobup.ch users shared on our salary comparison tool. Liestal, Allschwil, Arlesheim, Sissach, Waldenburg and Laufen are the main towns in the canton with job offers.

Which sectors have the best salaries in the Canton of Basel-Landschaft?

The fields of activity offering the highest salaries are: Small and medium-sized industries, followed by Clothing / Textiles and finally Construction industry / Real estate. As in many urban cantons in Switzerland, the cost of living is relatively high, but the proximity of France and Germany makes it cheaper to go shopping there. In addition, the proximity to the city of Basel makes it easy to access leisure, cultural activities and sporting events.