Manager for Strategy, Communications and Resource Mobilization



A Swiss-based non-profit, non-governmental, international organization, CIOMS’ mission is to advance public health through development of consensus and guidance on health research and policy, including ethics, medical product development and pharmacovigilance. An organizational review has underscored that awareness and understanding of CIOMS, as well as participation in and support for its activities, must be increased across a range of stakeholder groups if the Organization is to secure and maintain a stronger position within what has become an increasingly competitive global public health landscape. To this end a candidate is now sought for the position of Manager, Strategy, Communications & Resource Mobilization.

The incumbent will advise the CIOMS Secretariat vis-à-vis the overall strategic direction, management, and promotion of CIOMS

The successful candidate will have extensive international experience in each of the following areas: strategy development; advocacy & communications; and resource mobilization. This must include at least 10 years' experience in international public health, including with low- and middle-income countries, and with a UN organization. Considerable experience in writing and editing complex technical materials in the field of pharmaceuticals and global medicines policies. Experience in dealing with senior-level decision-makers. Adaptable and able to work effectively with fundraising systems and donor organizations at all levels. Ability to facilitate and strengthen involvement of a range of partners. Experience in contracting and managing the work of external consultants.

Desirable: Experience of working for a UN organization. Experience in the application and use of social and/or marketing research to discover and measure stakeholder needs.

Desired skills: High level of judgment, responsibility and initiative. Extensive knowledge of public relations, advocacy and resource mobilization. Strong editorial, writing and presentation skills. Demonstrated supervisory and leadership skills. Mature judgment, initiative, and interpersonal skills. Ability to interpret, recommend and communicate administrative, financial, and scientific policies through appropriate communications vehicles. Strong awareness and understanding of cultural and political sensitivities. Integrity, tact and discretion in dealing with contacts in the public and private sectors. Ability to work and produce results according to strict timelines.

CIOMS Competencies: Communicating in a credible and effective way, building and promoting partnerships, producing results, teamwork, respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

Non Swiss candidates should please indicate their work permit status in their application.

Manager for Strategy, Communications and Resource Mobilization


  1. Coordinate the development of strategies to create greater awareness of CIOMS's vision and value to key stakeholders, and to enhance CIOMS’ position as a standard for guidance in health research and policy, and adoption and use of CIOMS outputs.
  2. Coordinate the development of strategies to build and promote CIOMS partnerships in global health and medical science, including with respect to resource mobilization.
  3. Translate, develop, use data and knowledge generated by CIOMS strategic marketing studies to formulate new communications and resource mobilization initiatives.


  1. Develop, guide and manage communication of a broad array of promotional, technical and policy information to CIOMS stakeholders and interested parties.
  2. Develop the CIOMS annual communications plan, including development and updating of an events calendar with communications and marketing milestones.
  3. Ensure that communications and communications products (using both conventional (print publications, advertising) and digital (web, video, email, social media) communications channels) are relevant and timely, and adhere to organizational standards and policies of accountability.
  4. Anticipate trends in communications processes and tools to help management plan external talent acquisition and develop internal capacity to meet evolving Organizational delivery requirements.

Resource mobilization

  1. Initiate development of and implement a CIOMS resource mobilization framework.
  2. Research and plan initial approaches for engaging with potential donors/partners.
  3. Research and pilot products and services that could generate additional income for CIOMS.
  4. Lead development of funding proposals and reports to donors.